Debug and Troubleshoot

Sometimes you need to call in a specialist.

For most developers, the bug hunt is an everyday part of life. But sometimes a bug shows up that is just too time-consuming to chase down. You have better things to do than that. That’s when you call in the specialist. Identifying and correcting bugs requires a kind of slowed-down, fine-toothed approach that can grind a project to a standstill. Instead of allowing an otherwise minor issue to destroy your momentum, hand that task over to me.

Fresh perspective is worth a lot

When you ask me to troubleshoot the issue you are having with your code, I will be coming in without assumptions. If you have been programming for a while, you know the experience of returning to old code to immediately see what you missed. Pulling in an outsider can have the same effect.

Just the fix

The other side of that fresh perspective is the tendency of developers to rewrite software in their own image. If you’ve been building software for any length of time, you have seen this. A bright new developer comes in, takes a look at the codebase, and immediately sets out to change the whole thing. That is not what you hire me to do. You contract my services to get in, get out, and take the bugs with me.

There may be times where the bug is too deeply embedded in the system design to fix without big changes. Because I will be coming from the outside, I will not make those big changes. I know that some bugs are just not worth it. And if it is worth the big rewrite, I can give you my ideas, but only if you want them.