SaaS Development

When the needs of your business do not line up with your software, something has to change. Too often, businesses suffer because the software packages, designed to work for a generic business, fail to handle the challenges unique to each business.

You probably do not need custom software

The first step we will take in implementing a custom software as a service (SaaS) solution is to make sure you need one. For most of the seemingly unique problems, there are common solutions. Sometimes having some help figuring out how to fit these common solutions to your business is all you will need.

Why SaaS?

While building completely custom solutions sounds very tempting at first, the cost of ownership is just not worth it. You probably already have most of your needs covered by simple, stock solutions, most of which can be customized to some degree. Customizing your existing solution may be another temptation, but it will inevitably cause problems in the future. Instead, I prefer the middle way. If I can isolate what is missing in your current software solution, I can build a simple, standalone service that is easy to maintain, integrates well with your existing web services, and solves the problems that are unique to your business.

By focusing on the smallest possible scope of work for the custom service, we avoid the problems of the fully custom software package. By creating a service that is separate from your existing web services, we avoid the problems that come about when you eventually need to upgrade or change those services. There will be some cost associated with maintaining and integrating a custom service, but far less than with the alternatives.